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Oakes Mixer Controller (OMC)

Oakes Mixer Controller (OMC)

OMC Screens

Touchscreens allow you to change recipes and access other related data.

Featuring custom, upgradeable software, the Oakes Mixer Controller (OMC) monitors and manages production variables such as backpressure, production rate, final specific gravity, and rotor RPM.

Once the Mixer is installed, the operator simply selects the desired product from the recipe menu, allowing the OMC to assume complete control over the mixer and its interface with your production line.

OMCs are self-monitoring and reporting. Multi-Level touch screens guide the user through complete Diagnostic checks as the system monitors and compensates for wear over the life of the machinery. Oakes Controllers are available for new and reconditioned Oakes Continuous Mixers.

Features Include

  • Recipe Storage
  • Password Protection
  • Product Flow and Density Control
  • AB PanelView™
  • PanelView™ Screen Security
  • Mixer Status and Messaging
  • Alarm History
  • Activity Log


Our New York Metro Area Headquarters features an R&D lab for customer product testing. Oakes Engineers have over 70 years of combined process experience and we are excited to help you launch a new product or streamline and improve an existing one.

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